Photo of Paul Hirose

Paul Hirose serves as outside general counsel for midsized and multinational corporate clients. Paul provides strategic legal advice to help companies reach their business goals and counsels on risk and litigation avoidance strategies, operational issues, intellectual property, and marketing and advertising matters. With over two decades of experience as marketing counsel for Isuzu North America, he has developed a deep understanding of the client perspective that informs all aspects of his work.

In this episode, Paul Hirose, former president of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association and co-chair of Perkins Coie’s Supply Chain Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility practice, speaks with Leyla Seka about her leadership in confronting gender equality and racial equity issues in the tech industry.

Leyla Seka is a partner with Operator Collective,

The U.K. Modern Slavery Act of 2015 requires companies falling under its jurisdictional hook to honestly and completely disclose their efforts to eradicate trafficked, slave, indentured, coerced and child (collectively “forced”) labor from their supply chains. This, like many things in the compliance world, is easier said than done.  As discussed in this Client Update,