Markus Funk and Kevin Feldis speak with Corey Norton, Vice President for Supply Chain Legality at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), about the important role that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can play in corporate supply chain compliance. NGOs have both outside credibility and an insiders on-the-ground understanding of local supply chain issues that can be invaluable to companies when it comes to understanding and protecting their supply chains for everything from raw materials to commodities to finished consumer products. Corey explains how WWF and other NGOs engage with corporations to help them improve traceability and better understand and mitigate risks related to forced labor, environmental degradation, and more. While some have traditionally viewed NGOs and corporations as acting with very different interests in mind, this podcast explores the many areas of overlap and mutual interest, and suggests that NGOs, corporations, and corporate outside counsel can, and should, actively work together on these important, complex, and still-evolving areas of corporate compliance.

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